Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Spy with the Wooden Leg

Congratulations to Nancy Polette, Pieces of Learning author.  Her book, The Spy with the Wooden Leg won the International Mom's Choice Award!

The International Mom’s Choice Award Gold Seal Winner for 2012 is THE SPY
WITH THE WOODEN LEG (Alma-Little Publishers 2012) by Nancy Polette,
Professor Emeritus, Lindenwood University, the true story of Virginia Hall,
winner of the Distinguished Service Cross, who in World War II rescued
downed airmen in France, risked her life to send radio messages, led three
battalions of resistance fighters to capture 500 enemy troops while at the
top of the Gestapo’s Most Wanted list. ..all this in spite of the fact this
amazing heroine had a wooden leg.
The award recognizes authors of outstanding, high quality family-friendly
children’s books.
Leading the panel of Judges, which assures expert and objective analysis
free from any publisher association,is Dr. Twila C. Liggett, founder of PBS’s
Reading Rainbow.

The Spy with the Wooden Leg
Nancy Polette

When one is undervalued due to their gender, the drive to prove them wrong
comes strongly. "The Spy with the Wooden Leg" is a biography of Virginia
Hall, a woman who jumped at the chance to serve the Allies in World War II,
overcoming gender discrimination and a wooden foot in the process. Earning
ire from the Gestapo, she significantly helped the Free French Resistance
throughout the conflict. "The Spy with the Wooden Leg" is a strongly
recommended addition to history and biography collections, not to be

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to School Sale!

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