Monday, May 4, 2015

4 BIG Reasons to get Excited About Teacher In-Service Days!

Teacher In-Service...

To a student these are exciting words to read on a school calendar.  It means a day off for no reason!

How most students imagine Teacher In-Service Days

How most teachers imagine Teacher In-Service Days
However, for a teacher, in-service days often bring images of long days spent listening to a speaker when you could be working in your classroom and getting caught up on your grading, lesson planning, etc.

As a company that offers speakers for Staff Development Workshops, we know the value of staff development workshops because we have seen the results from them.  So, as an in-service day approaches, keep in mind the following reasons why Staff Development is important.

1.  Staff Development allows teachers to learn new, exciting, and innovative ways to teach.

In education, strategies and methods are constantly changing.  Many teachers feel like as soon as they learn one way of teaching, things have already changed.  However, not all of these changes are bad.  We are constantly discovering more about how children learn and how we can better cater their school experience to their needs.  This is where staff development comes in.  A good staff development presenter will take a new idea or strategy and help you learn how to implement it in your classroom in a way that is effective for the student and doesn’t cause more work or stress for you, the teacher.

2.   Staff Development unites teachers to work together as a team.

Teaching is often not a team sport.  Often times, teachers feel isolated from the lack of conversation with adults.  Staff Development days are a good time for teachers to bounce ideas off of one another, talk about problems in their classrooms, and unite as a team of teachers.

3.    Staff Development gives the opportunity for teachers to ask the administration questions.

With the business of a typical day in a school, there is often not enough time to ask administration questions about policies, new rules or expectations, and overall general questions.  Staff development often gives the administration and teachers a forum to discuss problems, questions, and expectations.

4.    Staff Development gives teachers a chance to re-evaluate their methods.

In all things, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and do things the way you've always done them.  The same is true for teaching.  Staff Development provides you with the opportunity to research new methods and ideas and re-evaluate how you are teaching.

So, next time you see teacher in-service on the school calendar, try not to think about all the other things you could be doing.  Instead, see this time as an opportunity to become the best teacher you can be for your students.

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