Monday, May 18, 2015

Summer's Coming! Are you ready? 10 Tips for preparing for Summer Break

I know you are winding down and can only think about summer vacations, getting some work done around the house, and spending more time with your family (or at least away from your classroom), but do a few of the things on this list now and save yourself time in the fall when everything is happening all at once!

  1. Get your first week handouts copied and put in a folder for next year – so you aren't waiting on copiers or printers when you come back in the fall.
  2. Get end of year awards and handouts ready to pass out. 
  3. Make a list of things you didn't get to this year that you really want to teach next year.  Schedule them as things you will do the first Monday of each month throughout the year or every Wednesday first thing, etc.
  4. Update your required supplies list for next year’s group of students.
  5. Fill out your calendar with next year’s days off, in-service days, testing dates, etc. – Color-code them for better organization. 
  6. Set up classroom organizers for next year. Go ahead and color-code those folders, print new labels, and alphabetize everything.
  7. Clean your white boards/calendars/take down items pertaining to this year’s group of students.
  8. Have students start cleaning out their desks/lockers – have them take home items they will no longer need this year.
  9. Get prepped for next year’s lessons. Check out our Literature Activity Guides (Over 400 titles) and/or our Differentiated Bloom’s Units (over 50 topics) in either Hard Copy or E-Unit!
  10. Do you have storage containers for each section of the year (Fall poster boards/wall decor, winter holidays) – go ahead and get them in order for next year. Update anything that was damaged or discolored to have a fresh clean look for next year.

You may be putting in a little extra work right now, but you’ll appreciate everything you did in the fall!

Comment in the section below what you do the last few weeks of the year…

Here are some great options for quick activities to take up spare time and/or for independent work:
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Research topics/professional development for yourself for next year:
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